Bear watching and photographing


Wild Brown Bear site is situated in Kuhmo region, close to the Russian border, about 4 km to the border crossing point at Vartius. The Brown Bear watching site is located 260 km from Oulu and 125 km from Kajaani. Meals and lodgings are at a refurbished former border patrol station.
From the Lodge opens up a beautiful view to the nearby picturesque pond and the extensive taiga forest with its many natural treasures.


The distance to the bear feeding site from the lodge is about 700 meter (hiking boots recommended but not necessary). The feeding site has been maintained for eight years now, and at best has held up to 20 bears visible at a time. The speciality of this site is a rare and elusive Wolverine that visits the feeding places 2-4 times every week in summer and in winter. Red Fox is also possible and we should see plenty of Ravens. Other possible species are e.g. Great Grey Owl, Hawk, Pygmy, Tengmalm´s and Great Spotted Woodpecker, Three-toed Woodpecker, Black Woodpecker, Black Kite, White-tailed Eagle, Goshawk, Sparrow Hawk, Woodcock.


In Kuhmo there are also available tours to watch /photograph native Wild Forest Reindeer, and even Wolf can be viewed from one of the five hides (2005 on May, June and July).


The photography cabins are located on a shallow slope and the feeding point itself in a boggy depression. The cabin windows give excellent views and are situated in good light. There are openings for camera lenses below the height of the viewing windows.


The large obresvation cabin (5 different) is located highest up the slope 7 metres above and around 20-30 metres distant from the feeding points. This cabin fits eight people with photography space, and bunk beds for eight, separately 4 beds for men and women. A specialty in the cabins is a sound system with amplifiers.
There are private facilities (chemical toilet). The cabin is excellent for general views of the bears and for obtaining photos of the animals with their natural habitat in the background.


The professional photography cabin (6 different) is located at the same height as the feeding points respectively about 5 - 30 metres' distant from each. This cabin takes two people, with photography places for two at a time, and two bunk beds. A specialty in the cabins is a sound system with amplifiers.
There are private facilities (chemical toilet). This cabin gives you real bear close-ups!
All cabins have cushioned seats adjustable to the horizontal, bunk beds with comfortable mattresses, pillows, blankets and sleeping bags, chemical toilets, and lavatory basins.
Also available at Kuhmo are photography opportunities at Black Grouse and Capercaillie leks.



Local Guide Services at Wild Brown Bear

The local expert nature guides help the visitors to unravel the wildlife in taiga forests. They will assist to identify and search for animal tracks, teach about forest foods, geological history, trees, plants, and locate nesting sites of different bird and animal species. The local ’bear guides’ will teach all the visitors about the use of the bear hides to maximise viewing pleasure.



The price includes transportation to the bear watching site accompanied by the local ’bear guide’. Naturally the price includes accommodation at the Lodge, dinner on the arrival. Departure to the cabin takes place around 17:00 pm after an early dinner and a short orientation meeting with a video presentation of the bear hides and bears. All the visitors can choose packed snacks for the night in advance before leaving to the bear hide. The local guide will be in the cabin to assist throughout the night. The visitors return to the Lodge around at 6:00 – 8:00 next morning to have a proper breakfast.  During the day the visitors may want to get some well-earned rest or take local walks in the forest but there will also be some optional daytime activities. On one day the visitors may have a whole day excursion to look for the native Forest Reindeer that can be found in the area. It has some particular features that separates it from the domesticated Reindeer. Its behaviour also proves that we are dealing with a true wild animal. The surrounding area is also good for forest birds and flowers.
All the visitors will receive a Wild Brown Bear Diploma which certificates the bears and other possible mammals seen during the stay in the hide.



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